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Wireless Solutions

Mission-Critical Wired and Wireless Solutions for the Enterprise

Today’s enterprise is changing. Between a proliferation of small/branch offices and the growing popularity of teleworking, users have come to expect secure remote access to corporate resources as well as high speed wireless networks. This can result in enormous pressure on corporate IT staff, who simply don’t have the bandwidth to address all of the requirements of rolling VPNS, managed switches, and WLANs to non-technical staff.

Aerohive_LogoWithin the corporate site, many enterprises are also expanding their WLANs to improve productivity, reduce switch port plus cabling costs, and bring branch offices online inexpensively. They are also increasing Wi-Fi capacity to address the explosion of Wi-Fi clients including mobile internet devices (MIDs) and smart phones. As a result, near-100% uptime is critical, and multimedia traffic requires enhanced quality of service (QoS) features for optimal user experiences. The distributed, scalable Aerohive architecture has been optimized with the features needed to meet all of these requirements.