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SMB Firewalls

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) should not think they are too small or insignificant for “big time” hackers. In fact, they are a more compelling target in many ways than larger businesses. SMB networks tend to be less secure and more easily compromised, and there are far more SMBs than Enterprise Businesses. Hackers and malware authors who can compromise banking information are happy to siphon off $50,000 to $300,000 from a compromised bank account rather than targeting multi-million dollar accounts within much more secure enterprise networks.

We work with small business managers and IT consultants, as well as IT pros with larger organizations, helping secure networks in an ever-changing cyberthreat environment. Long known for SMB solutions, SonicWALL is also now recognized as a leading provider of next-generation firewalls for larger enterprises.

ProMAS is one of Dell’s most trusted regional SonicWALL integration partners (over 2,900 SonicWALL line items sold). Dell SonicWALL network security products provide best-in-class security, secure mobile and remote access, cloud-based email security, and centralized management all designed for SMB budgets.

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