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Network Health Check Up

How Secure is Your Network?

ProMAS is now offering  network security health checkups.  This reveals traffic your current firewall may not be seeing, and is often an eye-opening experience in revealing cyber threats your organization is currently unaware of.  We will bring one of our security vendors onsite for an inline evaluation.  Nothing in your network has to be “unhinged” – so minimal time is required to start the process.  At the end of the check-up, we will provide you with our findings and any recommendations to better secure your network.

The firewalls we recommend and sell have a range of next-generation firewall features, including sandboxing (for zero day threat protection) as well as traditional IPS and gateway anti-virus/anti-malware inspection, geo-based IP blocking, real-time traffic visualization & management, also deep packet inspection of SSL traffic.  

For more info on our network security partnerships, please see our Network Security Page.

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