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Firewall FAQ

Why do I need a firewall?
In short, to help keep the bad guys out of your network. If your network connects to the Internet, it is open to attacks from the outside world. A proper firewall helps to mitigate multiple threats.

Can’t I just buy a router at (bargain retailer)?
Of course! A router is often technically a firewall, but not a true security device. Next-generation firewalls providing deep packet inspection security are best.

Why SonicWALL?
SonicWALL offers far better security than a basic router/firewall. It checks for viruses and spyware, before the traffic gets into your network and to your computer, using deep packet inspection security services with SonicWALL’s Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite (CGSS) subscription service.

I have antivirus protection on my computer. Do I really need CGSS too?
Yes. No single antivirus solution is perfect or always up-to-date with the latest threat definitions. Layers of protection forces viruses and spyware to pass through multiple checkpoints, giving you a much better chance of stopping them before they cause harm. As a bonus, CGSS provides an optional content filtering service. This lets you block certain website categories, including known “malware” sites.

Okay, so I need a firewall, but which one and what size?
Our team recommends devices be sized for the environment. One important measure is the firewall’s full DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) throughput rating, and we recommend using approximately 40% of the marketing website’s numbers. View the Dell SonicWALL NGFW lineup. For a matrix of features on TZ devices, including DPI throughput ratings,  click here. For a matrix of features on NSA devices, including DPI throughput ratings, click here.