Email Archiving

Email is a valuable business tool. Some estimate as much as 85% of an organization’s critical data resides in email stores. Without an intelligent email archiving, indexing, and retrieval solution, your employees can waste hours every week managing their inboxes.

Our preferred archiving solutions provider is ArcMail. Key benefits of email archiving may include:

  1. Simplify retention policy. Allow employees to think less about email, freeing more time to complete the real work at hand. A reliable archiving & retrieval system gives employees the freedom to delete emails, knowing they’re easily recoverable if needed.
  2. Mine your emails: ArcMail’s solution not only stores your data, it also indexes that data for easy retrieval in the future. Search your email archive using any combination of search words and combinations. Find overlooked sales leads, forgotten conversations and other useful data.
  3. Improve email server performance: The average corporate email account receives 18 MB of data every day. If not regularly archiving emails, email servers can overload, slowdown, or even crash.
  4. Free up IT resources: Email archiving streamlines the retrieval process by making emails available to individual users, without bogging down your IT staff.
  5. Reduce Email Discovery Costs: In many cases, the cost of email discovery can be so high that settling a lawsuit is a more cost-effective option. Email archiving provides legal protection by guaranteeing that all email is recorded and unalterable. An intuitive search engine allows for the quick and easy email discovery, saving thousands in legal fees.
  6. Stay in Compliance: Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, and HIPAA email compliance policy, and other regulations, all require the retention of (and access to) email records for specific types regulated entities. Email archiving ensures all of your emails and attachments are stored in their original form, making you fully compliant with regulations.
  7. Protect Your Organization from a Crash: Email archiving ensures no matter what happens on each local computer, valuable emails will always be accessible.

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