Desktop Control from Faronics

Make computer configurations indestructible and prevent unwanted workstation changes.
Reduce support costs, bulletproof systems, and free up IT resources by utilizing products from Faronics.

Absolute System Integrity
Faronics Deep Freeze protects workstation configurations from accidental or malicious damage—without restricting user access.
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Absolute Protection from Unauthorized Executables
Faronics Anti-Executable protects workstations from unwanted software by preventing unauthorized executables from running or installing.
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Dynamic Preference Control
Faronics WINSelect makes it easy to customize a computers capability by restricting user access to certain applications, websites, program functions, and system settings.
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Comprehensive Lab Control
Faronics Insight provides teachers with total control over classroom computers and student activity.
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Automated Energy Conservation
Faronics Power Save uses intelligent power management to ensure workstations are not wasting energy and money when they are not being used
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